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Welcome to our Humanist nexus
Bienvenue à notre connexion Humaniste


Election Year 2015
= Atheist Awareness Year 2015
Let's Make Candidates Aware of Atheist Concerns

Take Action:

1. Get involved in a local riding association – pick a party – pick a job, let them know you’re atheist,

2. Let every candidate know that there are atheists in your riding, (anywhere from 5,000 – 24,000 per riding, based on there being approximately 100,000 people per riding with anywhere from 5 to 24% atheism rate in the population),

Action a) Write an email to all candidates based on the letter below (You can mail it too.),

Action b) Tweet all the candidates with a challenge to consider atheists,

3. Get involved – volunteer with the party of your choice when the election is called,

4. Go to an all candidates meeting, sit close to the microphone and get up as soon as the speeches are over to ask about one issue in the letter,


5. Vote.


A letter for all candidates in your riding:


Dear [Insert Candidate’s Name]:


Thank you for stepping forward to take on the responsibilities of seeking public office.

I am one of the 24 Canadians out of 100 who are atheist.

As you may know, the UN and the International Humanist Ethics Union (IHEU) have identified Canada as a nation that systemically discriminates against Atheists ( The report does that based on only part of the systemic discrimination in Canada.

The Atheist community is particularly concerned about favouritism toward religions in the Income Tax Act, the National Anthems Act, and the automatic inclusion of religious rites in many Canadian institutions and national events.

We are also very concerned about the Anti-blasphemy clause in the Criminal Code of Canada–Clause 296. This clause gives religions privileged status that potentially prevents reasonable criticismof their actions.

The same IHEU report identified 34 countries that actively persecute, and even execute, Atheists because of their non-belief.

We are very concerned about the lack of interest shown by the Office of Religious Freedom and by Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird in this discrimination against Atheists.

Please outline your party’s policy regarding these issues and how you plan to work within your party’s caucus to address these concerns.

Best wishes in your campaign.



[Your Name]





SCS Video Links

Doug Thomas on Medically Assisted Suicide - the Dignitas model MAS Video

Doug Thomas addresses topic "God: Fact or Fiction" with a simple explanation of empirical evidence and of God as a metaphor. 

Project Links

Have You Been Discriminated Against?

We would like to  hear about cases of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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A National Anthem for Everyone


18 December, 2013 - Two articles analyse the IHEU Freedom of Thought Report

1. "17 % o World's Nations Hate Atheists" – Doug Thomas'  analysis of IHEU report – Huffington Post, December 13, 2013

2. "[Atheists face] Discrimination or Persecution in Most Countries"– National Secular Society (UK)

10 December, 2013  – IHEU Freethought Report

The International Humanist and Ethical Union has published its Freethought report for 2013. Find out where atheists are in greatest danger around the world (13 countries execute people for being atheist). Download the report and make a donation to IHEU at: Freethought Report

6 October, 2013

President Thomas' "Humanism and Religious Freedom" – 33rd WRC

SCS President's Huffington Blog: Québec's limits on religious symbols.

Office of Religious Freedom - President Thomas' exchange with Andrew Bennett

European Humanists Welcome new EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion or Belief 

On CBC, SCS president, Doug Thomas, challenges "attendance at church alleviates depression"

Can Atheists and Theists Get Along?

BC Humanist Association Poll: 20% of Population are Non-Believers

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