Continuing Activities:

Act as nexus for exchange of ideas among Humanist groups,
This is the weakest link in our communities. Groups are wandering (that may be too active a word) in their own direction without advising other groups that could help.

Raise awareness of Secular Humanist community in Canada
This may be the most important basic task for us. Almost every time I speak to politicians about humanist rights they are:
a) surprised that there are secular humanists in Canada,
b) surprised that there is any discrimination against non-believers
Of course, similar surprise is common among humanists

Advocate for an O Canada for everyone,
The current version is sexist, xenophobic and theist in English. It is theist and xenophobic in French. The official version is legislated, so changing the words is not a constitutional matter. There is no penalty in the National Anthem Act for singing different words.

Advocate for amendments to C-14, The Physician Assisted Dying Law
Bill C-14 insists on an immediate expectation of death for a legal physician assisted death. This does not conform to the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada and will result in costly legal challenges that the government can avoid by amending the legislation.

Advocate for removal of Section 296 from CCoC,
This is the anti-blasphemy libel clause that is similar to the basic law in Bangladesh and other places. They use it to justify their practices when criticized by Canadians for those practices.

Advocate for removal of Section 319-3b from CCoC,
This clause gives believers permission to publish hate speech as long as they believe it to be true based on their holy book.

New Activities:

Establish better lobbying efforts with the Canadian Government,
SCS is now a registered lobbyist with the Commissioner of Lobbying for Canada. This means that our lobbying efforts are a matter of record for future use. It also legitimizes SCS as a representative of record for humanist rights in Canada. SCS is the only humanist group in Canada with registered lobbyist status and is best suited to representing humanist interests to the government.

Add volunteer lawyer, publicist and 7 more Provincial/Territorial Advocates
SCS has a webmaster, a bookkeeper, a translator, and two weathered humanist organizers on board. We are looking for a lawyer to volunteer legal consulting time and someone to take on the role of publicizing SCS and its activities.

Recently, SCS has been enhanced by 6 provincial advocates (AB,BC,MB,ON,NL, and SK). These volunteers are helping to promote SCS advocacy in the provinces listed and are providing information about concerns in their provinces for SCS consideration and advocacy. If your province or territory is not listed (NS, NB, NU, NT, PE, QC, YT) please consider emailing to gain information and to volunteer.

Fund raising
SCS is in need of better funding. A more proactive fund raising approach – promotional products, etc. – will be taken.