National Contacts

Our Organizers ∞ Nos organisateurs:

President/Président:  Doug Thomas:
Vice President/Vice Président: Barrie Webster:

Mailing Address ∞ Adresse de expédition: 

Secular Connexion Séculière
59 Arthur Street North

Elmira ON N3B 2A1

Provincial Advocates

Newfoundland & Labrador    Age Smies              
Prince Edward Island             C.O.                        
Nova Scotia                              C.O.                        
New Brunswick                       C.O.                         Québec                                     C.O.                         Ontario                                    Doug Thomas          Manitoba                                 Rick Dondo             Saskatchewan                          Kayla Horan-Dmytruk Alberta                                    Gordon Wolters     
British Columbia                    Alan Danesh            Nunavut                                   C.O.                         
North West Territories           C.O.                        
Yukon Territory                      C.O.                        

C.O – inquiries from these provinces/territories will be handled through the central office until an advocate steps forward.

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