School Accommodation Project

October 31, 2018 - 12:00 am

Every day atheist students are denied their right to freedom from religion!

This happens when lyrical, theist versions of O Canada are played over the PA system. They are forced to listen since PA systems are pervasive in the schools.

It also happens when they are required to memorize the theist version of O Canada in either official language as a classroom assignment (eg. in French class).

Schools and school boards make accommodations for religious students in the same schools. This can range from sensitivity to dietary laws to providing space for prayer rituals. In other words the concept of such accommodations is established.

SCS has already written every public school board chairperson and every public school board director in Ontario to set the groundwork for these accommodations:

  1. Schools should play only instrumental versions of O Canada daily and at school events,
  2. Classroom teachers should allow non-believing students to memorize a non-theist version of O Canada to complete their assignment without penalty (note: most classroom teachers will accommodate this if asked, but some might not) See: O Canada for everyone

However, since human rights are individual rights, school boards and schools will react only to individual parental requests for these accommodations.

  1. Contact your student’s school administration and ask for the accommodations,
  2. If they do not make the accommodation contact your superintendent,
  3. Write a letter to the superintendent if the accommodation is not forthcoming, See: Accommodations Ltr. for an example of useful content.
    Note: School administrators are required to keep communications with you about your child completely confidential.
  4. Contact SCS President, Doug Thomas to discuss further action