With SCS membership you will gain:

  • Access to a communications group for Canadian Humanists –
    • our blog, specific social media
    • shared knowledge from Humanist groups across Canada
    • knowledge of national programs
    • access to and participation in International Humanist and Ethical Union activities
    • discounts on Canadian Freethinker Magazine and CF Digital Weekly
  • Support for your concerns as a Canadian
    • Human rights at home and abroad (through International Humanist and Ethical Union)
    • Charity contacts – vetted by SCS executive for effectiveness
  • Support for lobbying efforts of SCS
    • Open Secularism program
    • MP awareness program

Membership Fees:

  • Single: $35 per year
  • Household: $65 per year
  • Senior – Single: $29.75 per year
  • Senior – Household: $54.50 per year
  • Student: $20 per year


Membership Options:


* Senior – ages 65 and up