Waterloo Public School Board – Human Rights Complaints

The Waterloo Region District School Board has rolled out a new Human Rights complaint page and form so parents and students can now bring up Human Rights issues directly with the board.

Some of the issues that SCS has seen include:

  1. Playing theistic lyrics of “O Canada” over the PA system in the morning or at school events – a violation of our right to freedom from religion*,
  2. Requiring students to memorize the theist words to “O Canada” – a violation of student rights to freedom from religion (note: when approached reasonably, most teachers will accommodate memorizing the non-theistic words at http://www.secularconnexion.ca/a-national-anthem-for-everyone/)*,
  3. Some non-believing students have been subjected to negative comments from theistic fellow students who claim they can not be a part of the class since they are “going to Hell.”

    * Note: SCS has already had conversations with WRDSB Human Rights administrators regarding these problems.

If you are a student who is 18 yrs. of age or a parent who has a concern about how your child is treated as a non-believer in this system, we advise taking the following action:
1. Draw the problem to the attention of the school administration, counsellor. They must keep the complaint confidential,

2. If no appropriate action is taken, go to


and fill in the form. Once again, the administration is compelled to keep your information confidential.