SCS IS . . .


A Lobby Group

that pressures the federal government to end systemic discrimination against non-believers.

SCS has its own registered lobbyist with the Federal Government. This person monitors Parliamentary Committee meetings and submits briefs when a committee is considering something relevant to Secular Humanist rights, separation of church and state, or other topics that are of interest to Secular Humanists. We work to eliminate systemic and social discrimination against non-believers in Canada, and to promote Secular Humanist values. (Campaigns)

We work in co-operation with several Canadian and International Humanist organizations (Friends)

A Humanist Nexus

linking Secular Humanists across Canada through the power of Zoom

SCS has a Zoom subscription so it can link people across Canada without limits on the length of meetings. Watch for virtual events posted in the events column on the right of our web pages.

We also provide Zoom meeting time for Secular Humanist groups who wish to hold local meetings without time limits without paying the subscription fee. Just email us to set up a time and date (a couple of weeks in advance).

Represented by Advocates

who monitor provincial and local concerns for Secular Humanists in most provinces and territories

SCS advocates are Secular Humanists who are interested in looking after the rights of their fellow Secular Humanists and monitor provincial and local situations that impact our right to freedom from religion, deny human rights to LGBTQ and BIPOC people, and generally do not align with Secular Humanist principles. Yes, we need more advocates please go to our ADVOCATES page and find out more. If you are interested in becoming an SCS advocate please contact us.

Based on Secular Humanist Values

We follow the Amsterdam declaration of 1952 as updated in 2022. See our Goals and Principles Page