Humanism: A Beginner’s Guide. Cave, Peter. Onworld Books. Oxford, UK. 2009
A good introduction to the Secular Humanist philosophy.

The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament.2 vol.Bowen, Joshua. Digital Hammurabi
Press.Mechanicsville MD. 2022
The Old Testament examined with outside historical perspective. This 2 vol. set debunks the major myths of the Bible. For example, the entire Exodus myth with clear references to Egyptian historic documents.

Voices of Humanism (2014) .Gary Bauslaugh, ed. Rocketday Arts, Victoria.

Evidence Based Policy Making vs Policy Based Evidence Making

Evidence for Democracy (defends the generation of scientific evidence to facilitate evidence-based policy decisions rather than the pursuit of policy-based evidence)  www.evidencefordemocracy.ca

Environment and Energy

Deep Geothermal Energy – reliable base load electricity to replace fossil fuels

Cascade Institute, Royal Roads University, Victoria is a locus of research and policy for deep geothermal energy in Canada – Thomas Homer-Dixon, Executive Director.  A number of publications are available on-line.  


Environmental and Planetary Overshoot (not just climate change)

Bill Rees, professor emeritus, UBC, and expert policy and planning researcher has published extensively on this subject. Several policy papers are available from wrees@mail.ubc.ca:

Overshoot: Cognitive obsolescence and the population conundrum (2023) POPULATION AND SUSTAINABILITY VOL 7, NO 1, William E. Rees 2023

Ecological economics for humanity’s plague phase.William E. Rees, (2020)https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecolecon.2019.106519 

 The Human Ecology of Overshoot: Why a Major ‘Population Correction’ Is Inevitable World  2023, William E. Rees 4, 509–527. https://doi.org/10.3390/world4030032 

A Proposal: For a Sustained Inquiry into the Insight that Our Modern Techno-Industrial Form (MTI) of Civilization Has Itself Become an Existential Threat to Life on Earth. Ruben Nelson & Bill Rees, (2023) available from the authors at rubenelson@shaw.ca or wrees@mail.ubc.c


A Brief History of Creation – science and the search for the origin of life.Bill Mesler & H. James Cleaves II, (2016) Norton & Co.

Doubt is Their Product – how industry’s assault on science threatens your health. David Michaels, (2008) Oxford

On the Origin of Time: Stephan Hawking’s Final Theory. Hertog, Thomas. Bantam. NY,NY. 2023
A biographical/science history Stephan Hawking’s later years, his thoughts and personality written by his last understudy.

Social Science/History

Spirituality for the Skeptic – the thoughtful love of life (2002).Robert C. Solomon. Oxford

The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity. Graeber, David and Wengrow, David. Signal Books (Penquin Random House Canada). 2023
In spite of its pretentious title, the book is a thorough social science anthropological, historical account of civilization. A must read for insights into pre-conquest North America including its aboriginal philosophers and leaders.