SCS has its own registered lobbyist with the Federal Government. This person monitors all Parliamentary Committee meetings and submits briefs when a committee is considering something relevant to Secular Humanist rights, separation of church and state, or other topics that are of interest to Secular Humanists. We also monitor activities at the provincial, territorial, and municipal levels of government. In short, we work to eliminate systemic and social discrimination against atheists in Canada, and to promote Secular Humanist values.

We work in co-operation with several Canadian and International Humanist organizations (Friends)


Secular Connexion Séculière follows the principles of Secular Humanism set down in the Amsterdam Humanist Declaration of 2002[1]. As such, we are dedicated to the concept that we can be, and should be, good without gods.

1. We intend to be a communication nexus for all Secular Humanists who follow the principles of the Amsterdam Declaration[1], as individuals or in groups,

2. We support a Multi-cultural Canada that respects the right to freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion,

3. We vigorously defend the right to freedom from religion[2] and oppose any attempt by religious people or religious organizations to impose religion on us,

4. We condemn discrimination of all kinds against any individual or group,

5. We are determined to end systemic and social discrimination against atheists in Canada,

6. We are determined to end discrimination against atheists in other countries, and we are determined to ensure that the Government of Canada implements and maintains foreign policies in accordance with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

7. We support Secular Humanists who are rejected and harassed by their families and former social circles when they leave religion.


2.Supreme Court of Canada in the matter of Big M Drugs v Crown, 1984